5 minutes

with Haim Treistman

Territory Manager

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How long have you been at the company?

6.5 years

What did you study?

Bachelor of Political Science at Bar Ilan University

What was your career path before coming to Bright Data?

I started working in hi-tech in 2008. I was working at an affiliate company in online sales. Then in 2011, I moved to a software monetization company (also in sales). After 2 years I was appointed to be a team leader. I stayed at the company for 4 years and it went public. I then moved to Bright Data.

Tell us about your time at Bright Data

I started as a business manager when the company was very small – we were only around 7 or 8 in sales. Today there are around 100 employees in sales. After 2 years I was promoted to become a director. Then I was promoted to be under the VP of Sales, EMEA, and APAC, and around 8 months ago I was promoted to be a territory manager.

What's the secret to moving up at Bright Data?

I think you need to be able to adjust to the industry and to the changes and growth of the company. Also, you need to find new opportunities all the time – and bring more and more revenue to the company (which helped me stay on top). The company also gives independence to its employees in terms of what they can do and what they can achieve – that helped me a lot as an individual.

What's your management style?

I like to work closely with my team, helping and mentoring them. I also like to give them flexibility in how they bring in new deals and let their strengths shine.

Advice for someone wanting to get into sales?

Be determined. Set goals for yourself. Be a go-getter.

Tips to get ahead in your career?

Move fast and break walls 🙂

Favorite part of your job?

I like everything that I do.

Favorite part of your job

What has kept you at Bright Data for 6.5 years?

The fact that the company has given me lots of independence in my day to do work. I have never felt micromanaged. They are also open to listening to my ideas and allow me to work in a way that works for me. And of course the benefits of working at a hi-tech company – the salary and the perks along the way.

Future plans?

To continue working at Bright Data and try to grow and develop. In the near future, I would like to reach the goals that we set at the beginning of the year for my team, and in the more distant future, hopefully reach even higher goals.