Free datasets, support and tools for journalists

We’ve developed a specific program to support journalists’ needs, knowing you are often on a tight deadline

We are in the business of data and deeply understand its importance and place in our daily lives whether it’s research or getting an answer with a single Google query.

While our business is built on fee-based tools to retrieve public web data, we also believe it should be widely accessible, because the internet belongs to all of us. We offer free access to our tools and services for qualified projects which include journalism. We know there is so much good that can be done with data if we get the tools in the right hands.

How can public web data help you tell stories that matter?

New York Times

Data identifies the rise of extremists on Twitter


Molly Russell: Tech firms still failing after teenager's death, says father

Washington Post

Report developed with data uncovers shooting hoax


Research uncovers antisemitism on social media

Data can tell you anything, you just have to come up with the questions to ask to find the answers

If you are a beginner at data collection we may be able to handle the whole process for you. We have ready-made data sets that can provide market comparison information or in some cases may be able to build them. We also have a suite of tools if you can do it yourself.

Contact us with your request and we’ll talk about the data that’s available to support your storytelling.

Free datasets, support and tools for journalists