Ben Chevallereau

CTO and co-Founder at Waltio

Waltio provides crypto taxation assistance, by automatically calculating the user’s taxable capital gains, assisting in declaring cryptocurrency gains and performing tax returns in just a few clicks.

We offer our service to any customer who needs assistance with declaring their crypto tax capital gains worry-free. In the financial world, it is much easier to predict income tax and track your transactions through your bank, or any financial institution, but it does not exist in the crypto world, and that is where our service comes into play.

While we offer this financial service, the most complex task at hand is collecting all the data points to be able to make the necessary calculations for taxation. Not only is collecting the data complex, but we need to send approximately a thousand API requests to reach all that data for a single user.

We started using Bright Data over two years ago to be able to send a lot of queries at once and to make sure that our IP can retrieve the information we need as quickly as possible. We have been very satisfied with their service and products.

Bright Data’s infrastructure allows us to customize the IP range, select which kind of IP we want, switch between IPs when needed and collect all the public data points we require. It works well, it’s efficient and easy to use and to connect to our solution, requiring only one line of code to connect to the API, and easily customizable to scale. That’s how we manage to save resources and time.

Every company today, especially in the financial service industry, needs to manage its costs better. Bright Data is the most cost-effective solution, especially for companies in the financial realm.

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